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Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity

By Cynthia Vann

“Each year an increasing number of people claim to suffer from electro-sensitivity, also known as being electrically hypersensitive (EHS). There are also other diseases, such as fibromyalgia and burn-out syndrome, that have symptoms similar to those exhibited by people suffering from electro-sensitivity. The extrapolated trend indicates that 50% of the population can be expected to become electrosensitive by the year 2017.”1

Six months after Catherine Kleiber moved to her new farm she was wracked by a series of mysterious symptoms. “I started having problems with muscle weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, chills and hot flashes, and problems with the circulation to my extremities,” recalls Catherine.

By the winter, she was severely ill. “I could hardly walk up the stairs. When I got to the top, I would have to bend over because I was so lightheaded, I thought I would pass out. My heart would go, boom, boom, boom. I couldn't sleep at night. When I woke up, I would feel like I was hit by a Mack truck and then run over by a train.”

In Zapped, Ann Louise Gittleman tells the story of the Kleiber farm and Dave Stetzer, CEO of Stetzer Electric Company. Stetzer discovered that the farm was so close to a transformer that it was the path of least resistance for the return current, which tends to pick up dirty electricity. Some of her neighbors got electrical shocks just touching their sinks and her entire house was buzzing with power. “It was the EMF version of the Amityville Horror,” says Gittleman.

Catherine went from doctor to doctor and was eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. She says, “I didn't much like that diagnosis because I didn't think my body just decided one day to self-destruct for no reason.” Then Catherine discovered electrical quality expert Dave Stetzer. Up until this point “just about every doctor I saw thought I was nuttier than a fruitcake.” Stetzer found that “we were at the end of the power line, and that’s where high frequencies like to get off,” explains Catherine. “One mile away was a substation, so we were right in the path of access of 70% of the current returning through the earth. If I would sit on the ground I would start hurting.”

Catherine concluded, ”This is what I tell people . . . the best way for you to not be where I am is to not overexpose yourself. And if you are where I am, the only way to get better is to create a safe environment.” Dave Stetzer has made a career out of creating safe environments, often at his own peril. “When I’m out in the field I’ll get heart palpitations and chest pains. It hurts down my arm—all the symptoms of a heart attack,” he admits. His blood sugar also soars. But when he gets back to the office, which he fitted with high frequency filters of his own design, he starts to feel normal again. Graham and Stetzer created their filter when it became clear that the electric power industry (a collection of about 500 utility companies) wasn’t going to implement a system-wide remedy—a project that could potentially cost billions per utility. 2

Everywhere you look, friends, relatives and even you may be coming up with strange and unexplained symptoms similar, although perhaps not as extreme, to Catherine Kleiber and her neighbors. It’s worth exploring the possible causes whether microwave (RF) or dirty electricity from RF. My Summer 2017 Amberwaves article didn’t fully explore dirty electricity, but it can be debilitating. My symptoms have been anxiety and pain in a variety of body locations that moves, especially after vigorous massage and chiropractor treatments.

What Is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity is another result of higher and higher use of radio-frequency technologies such as smart meters, cell phones, and wireless such as Wi-FI and Wi-Max used in smart technologies. This chart from Public Health SOS illustrates technologies and associated health risks. 3

In North America, we generate a 60 Hz sine wave. The condition of this electricity is referred to as power quality. Dirty power is the noise that is imposed on the 60 Hz signal. The more the electricity deviates from the 60 Hz sine wave, the poorer the power quality and the more “dirty electricity.” Some dirty electricity is produced by arcing, or shorting, caused by loose electrical wires or trees touching power lines, so dirty power has existed prior to the cell phone industry.

Dirty electricity became a serious problem in the 1970s as we began to use more electronic technology and went to energy efficient appliances. Since then, it has continued to worsen because of aging infrastructure and growing use of wireless technology. Some of the dirty power today, however, is a result of RF on the power lines. If you have computers, plasma TVs, dimmer switches, fluorescent lights, and energy efficient appliances, and have neighbors who share your transformer, and they also have these things, then you will have dirty electricity in your home.

Electricity comes into a home and goes through a final step down transformer that provides the proper voltage. Several homes are usually hooked up to the same transformer and they have similar power quality issues. Appliances in one home can affect power quality in an adjacent home on the same transformer. 4 The Quinta School Study had its own chapter in Dirty Electricity by Samuel Milham, M.D. Dr. Milham pointed out that high frequency voltage transients and RF in the Kilohertz (Khz) range carried on house and building wiring are a potential carcinogen. A single year of employment at the school increased a teacher’s cancer risk by 21%, and with 10 years’ exposure, the cancer risk increased by 610%.5

My Experience

After removing our smart meters, I thought I had created a safe environment in my home. The realization that wasn’t true came in steps. To understand the unique effect on people, overexposure must be taken into account. I had spent weeks of time supporting my husband in the hospital after an accident unwittingly exposed us to a very high unfiltered electrical environment, coupled with a lowered immunity caused by greater than usual anxiety. I began to feel pain in my foot and started to limp, still unaware of the cause. My search for relief started with an opt-out meter article referenced in my last article. The article revealed that dirty electricity can effectively be filtered, and I began to research how to measure and filter online. I discovered Greenwave filters and the Broadband Electro-magnetic Interference (EMI) meter. With the meter I measured the levels of dirty electricity around my home. The kitchen measured over 1,000 millivolts (mV) from some plugs with a safe level being 50 mV or less. With the first 12 filters, I already experienced improvement in my symptoms. In addition, I ground myself daily as often as I can with mats and wristbands in the house.

This meter from YouTube shows a before and after result. The top number reads 541 mV in both pictures. A filter plugged into the wall has lowered 541 to 171, a 90% reduction as can be seen on the top line. Graham-Stetzer and Greenwave filters are the two best filters available.

Meters and filters are handy to take on trips so you don’t become overexposed to dirty electricity unknowingly. On a short trip to New Mexico, I took 5 filters and the EMI meter. That worked for our first hotel, but in a second hotel on the way home I woke up with excruciating back and leg pain, and a sharp static electricity-type pain at my eyebrow. I still hadn’t recovered from pain from hospital over-exposure so I thought it had mysteriously increased. I could barely limp out of the hotel from being stiff as a board.

When outside, I discovered a power line at the front door! This pain seemed like mild taser damage that I had read paralyzes muscles. As we drove away, the pain subsided to almost nothing by comparison. This experience was apparent proof that my pain was electrically caused. I found a patch of grass and walked on it for 20 minutes. When I got home, I applied bentonite clay to my eyebrow, which relieved the pain. Also I’ve had bodywork for several months to relieve the tight muscles. I purchased a grounding blanket and pillow cover, and I ground myself every night. Before that, I was grounding outside on my lawn before bed. All the scariest symptoms are gone. All the muscles that go through my waist area were tight, but that has subsided and I don’t feel as debilitated any more. Have I become overexposed? If similar symptoms reappear near dirty electricity after I’m symptom free, then I’ll know I was permanently overexposed.

In Zapped, Catherine Kleiber said she installed filters that block the high frequencies, discarded most of her electrical equipment (including TV and computers), and shut off the electric power at night before she went to bed. But even with all that, her overexposure to ground current seems to have permanently sensitized her. Even a small exposure to a cordless phone or a friend’s Wi-Fi could affect her. She explained, ”Once you’re overexposed, you don't get to turn back. If I’m in a good environment, I’m fine. I have some lingering damage in that I still have trouble with the circulation to my extremities. My autonomic nervous system must have suffered some damage.”

Electricity has brought enormous benefits to modern society. But unless properly managed and shielded, it can result in debilitating harm. It’s time to awaken to this widely unrecognized downside of technology and develop a healthful energy grid.

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